J. Keith Dunbar recently wrote: “The world is more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) that it ever has been…and continues to speed down that path. Future leaders that will adapt and use agility in the VUCA world will be worth their weight in gold I think. These future leaders will need the following attributes…

Globally Integrated

If you agree with the VUCA world that we are living in what other leadership attribute areas will future leaders need to excel and thrive in this environment?”

Check out his blog for more insights. I love where he’s going with this thread because putting it into practice is one of the more interesting and beneficial opportunities any leader can tackle. Culture, hiring, development, people and IT systems, org design….all of these things contribute to any organization being able to constantly execute and redefine itself in a sustainable way. Personally, I think the key is having fun. If people view change as exhausting then you’re never going to move at the pace you need. If, however, people trust each other, celebrate wins, and learn from from every opportunity and share that knowledge, then you’ve got a team that is ready to make huge leaps above others.