About Adaptive Talent

Helping You Acquire and Develop Top Talent

Adaptive Talent is a talent acquisition and development consultancy focused on enabling long-term organizational adaptability. Recently rebranded, we began in 2008 focused on HR Consulting, expanded into leadership development and executive coaching in 2012, and added recruitment services in 2014. Fascinated with the question “How do leaders and organizations thrive in today’s VUCA world?” led us in 2016 to focus our business on customized and integrated recruiting and leadership and organizational development services committed to improving adaptability via improved execution and experimentation.

Diversity is Our Asset

We’ve worked with companies of every size, trajectory, culture, and in most sectors, but tend to do a lot of work with tech, creative, and consumer packaged goods companies. We love partnering with leaders who hustle, who are open minded and committed to growth, and who find a way to get things done. You can count on the same thing from us.

Company Culture

Culturally our firm is casual, empathetic, thorough, and flexible. We like to laugh but are laser focused on deliverables. We read a lot on technology, leadership, culture, organizational development, and neuroscience. Finally, and most importantly, we are trustworthy collaborators who are honest, ethical, and committed to your long-term success. Our repeat business and referrals tell us we’re doing something right and we encourage you to ask our clients directly.

AFCC has worked closely with Brad since 2015.  As an external coach and certified Leadership Circle practitioner, Brad has helped support AFCC’s 360-degree feedback initiative – a key part of AFCC’s Leadership Development Program.  During this time, Brad supported over 20 AFCC leaders providing 360-degree debriefs and follow-up coaching sessions to help each leader create their “One Big Thing” statements.  Brad’s support and expertise with this initiative was a key part of its success. We received very good feedback from the leaders who worked with Brad.  In particular, they appreciated Brad’s incredible subject matter expertise and his interpersonal style and sense of humour.  I would strongly recommend Brad for any company looking for a leadership or coaching expert.

Glenn St. Onge

Head of Human Resources and Winner, 2016 Prism Award International Coaching Federation Vancouver Chapter , AFCC