Leadership Coaching & Development

We offer two ways to develop leadership capacity: 1:1 executive / leadership coaching and the Adaptive Leadership Program, a cohort-based leadership development program.

Our certified and experienced Leadership Coaches partner with clients to help them achieve their personal and professional goals while preparing even greater leadership capacity ahead of growth. Our process is data-driven, linked to your highest priority deliverables and change agenda, and based on the latest in neuroscience and adult development.

Clients value having a trusted confident to help them reflect, explore options, and learn new skills. Our agenda is driven by you, and we love celebrating with our clients as they help their companies improve execution, grow their people, and innovate.

We customize each package but here’s our approach:

Month One: Foundational

360-degree feedback data collection (online or via structured conversations) plus a Discovery Session to review responses to a detailed questionnaire, understand history, design the partnership, and then begin exercises to deepen self-awareness. Client then has fieldwork to make progress on personal values, life purpose, and leadership vision.

Month Two: Define the Stretch

Debrief 360. In subsequent sessions, map beliefs that contribute to habitual reactions and patterns noted in 360 results. The client uses these to experiment with new ways of leading and then debriefs with the coach.

Client leads a sponsorship meeting with stakeholders to align on business and role priorities relevant to the coaching investment, review client’s insights, and agree on a developmental focus and required support.

Client will engage 5-7 close colleagues who will provide (a) real-time developmental feedback and (b) social accountability.

Bi-weekly 1:1 coaching begins; client selects topic / focus.

Months Three & Four:
Experiment & Grow

Regular coaching as client runs experiments on leadership style and beliefs, plus check-ins with manager and colleagues to reflect on wins, misses, & insights.

Months Five & Six:
Assess & Reflect

Hold sponsorship meeting to reflect on growth and opportunities and align on developmental focus for next three months. If elected, continue coaching.

Everything we shut our eyes to, everything we run away from, everything we deny, serves to defeat us in the end. Life moves on, whether we act as cowards or heroes.

Henry Miller

You can’t use an old map to explore a new world.

Albert Einstein

Wisdom isn’t knowing more. It’s knowing with more of yourself.

Cynthia Bourgeault

Our Adaptive Leadership Program (ALP)

The ALP is a cohort-based leadership and organizational development experience designed to regularly bring leaders together to work both “in the business” to achieve great results but also “on the business, culture, and themselves” growing awareness, developing skills, leading change, strengthening trust and teamwork, and developing your people, culture, and adaptability.

We start by helping the cohort clarify the most important things to be delivered, developed, or preserved at the company level, and the implications for the leadership team, functions, roles, key cross-functional capabilities, and of course the leaders themselves (a “stretch”). We do this because capacity is nested so it’s essential to develop all layers of an organization coherently.


​The ALP becomes a tool for the participants to achieve their layers of stretch, supported by our experienced coaches. They facilitate high-impact conversations, experiments, insights, and accountability, and develop high-impact leadership skills. Participants should expect greater trust, candour, and conscious leadership capacity.  It can be easily customized for senior executives, cross-functional cohorts, functional leaders, or leads and managers.

Program Components

  • Data: Either via 360 Assessments, stakeholder interviews, or casual peer conversations
  • Facilitated offsites/monthly team check-ins, skill training, peer coaching, & accountability
  • Certified leadership coaches for 1:1 and team coaching
  • A leadership development plan and a “Map of Mindset” to help leaders see their invisible drivers of habitual reactions, make them observable and testable, and develop greater conscious choice.
  • Sponsorship meetings

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“Brad was a game changer for me. He revealed a simple way to manage my business and life using values as a driver. Working with him was a positive experience and i would recommend him if you are looking for a way to re-evaluate how you manage, lead or are just living your life.”

Mike Wrinch

CEO, Hedgehog Technologies

“I cannot thank you enough for your insightful discussions and compassion during our coaching sessions. I continue to apply methods/techniques discussed and I believe they have yield positive results.”

Former Client

VP, Technology, Broadridge

“Brad has a special ability to make you feel welcome, safe and listened to. That natural ability combined with his empathy, candour, and experience make him an effective executive coach. He provided me with guidance and insights about my leadership during our years of hypergrowth and later helped me find my purpose. I’m always, always happy to recommend him.”
Noel Pullen

Senior Director, Technology, HootSuite

“Working with Brad has been one of the most transformational experiences of my career. Brad took a measured, deliberate and honest approach to helping me better understand my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and an operator. His approach didn’t only help me put a name to areas of opportunity, it also helped me understand strategies for how I could start to address and improve my performance in those areas. The tools and prompts that he utilized throughout were clear and revealing while also seeming (to me at least) to be based on the latest theory, making the experience feel truly customized and relevant. Through it all, Brad always was a model of professionalism, compassion, realism and support. With his help, I have been able to develop confidence and behaviors that have made me a much stronger and more effective leader. I look forward to working with, and knowing, Brad for the rest of my career.”
Doug Scott

Chief Marketing Officer, Zynga

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity I had to work with Brad. He has an uncanny instinct for sniffing out opportunities for insight and growth. If you’re navigating a challenge in your career, or just looking for ways to unlock new opportunities, he can help. He reshaped my relationship with work and professional growth, and made me laugh until my cheeks hurt more than once in the process.”

Kate Hammer

Vice President, Engagement, Vancouver Foundation

“AFCC has worked closely with Brad since 2015.  As an external coach and certified Leadership Circle practitioner, Brad has helped support AFCC’s 360-degree feedback initiative – a key part of AFCC’s Leadership Development Program.  During this time, Brad supported over 20 AFCC leaders providing 360-degree debriefs and follow-up coaching sessions to help each leader create their “One Big Thing” statements.  Brad’s support and expertise with this initiative was a key part of its success. We received very good feedback from the leaders who worked with Brad.  In particular, they appreciated Brad’s incredible subject matter expertise and his interpersonal style and sense of humour.  I would strongly recommend Brad for any company looking for a leadership or coaching expert.”

Glenn St. Onge

Head of Human Resources and Winner, 2016 Prism Award International Coaching Federation Vancouver Chapter , AFCC

Coaching ROI

Investing in yourself and your people with an experienced Leadership Coach allows you to do more with less emotional cost.

Here’s more research on executive coaching and its impact:

Check out the International Coaching Federation’s research site for the latest studies.

The first dysfunction is an absence of trust among people. Essentially, this stems from their unwillingness to be vulnerable within the group. People who are not genuinely open with one another about their mistakes and weaknesses make it impossible to build a foundation for trust.

Patrick Lencioni