Looking to develop your team’s self-awareness and skills that boost results and collaboration? Our courses are configured to your culture, deliverables, and change agenda, are highly interactive, thought-provoking, and leverage the latest in neuroscience and adult development.

Most of our programs are module based with time in between sessions where participants try out new skills and then come back to reflect and learn more, thus helping retention and application.

The Art of Conscious and Skillful Conversations

Enhance collaboration, candor, and results with a practice-rich course configured to your teams’ most challenging situations and conversations.  Participants learn:

  • A bit about neuroscience, social threats, and how to re-establish psychological safety.
  • How to design relationships to foster clarity, authenticity, and mutual development.
  • How to initiate and navigate direct conversations via skilled and conscious dialogue, including manager / employee scenarios using multiple paired/triad role play sessions and group debriefs; often employees choose to practice with a colleague over a real-life challenge they are facing together.
  • How to acknowledge someone powerfully.

Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Team Leads and Managers

This course is well-received by organizations (a) growing quickly and needing to improve how they onboard new hires, and (b) wanting to improve how leads and managers develop the skills and maturity of employees via mentoring and coaching skills. Configured to your organization’s culture and challenges, your people will learn:

  • A bit about neuroscience, social threats, mindsets, and optimal learning conditions.
  • The difference between coaching and mentoring, and when to use them.
  • How to coach (via multiple paired/triad coaching sessions using different skills).
  • How to design onboarding plans for new hires that help them reach productivity fast.
  • How to mentor / transfer knowledge in a structured, brain-friendly way.

Mental Health for Employees:
Going beyond the ‘how are you?’

This 60-minute session will go into details on practical tools/tips that can help anyone navigate and mitigate stress. The focus will be on (a) how we can shift to a more powerful mindset, (b) how we can communicate more effectively to reduce potential stress for ourselves/others including deeper questions beyond ‘how are you?’, and (c) how to use the ‘4-Quadrant exercise’ to navigate stressfulsituations and get clarity what next steps are needed to move forward. (NOTE: Learning outcomes can be modified/customized for each client.)

Mental Health for Leaders – Building productive & healthy teams

This 60-minute session will go into details on practical tools/tips that can help people leaders build healthy and productive teams. The focus will be on (a) real-life mental health scenarios and scripts/tips to best support your teams (b) communication tips to reduce potential stress for ourselves and with our teams, and (c) how to use the proven ‘4-Quadrant exercise’ with your teams to navigate any stressful situation so they get clarity on what is real vs assumed, and ultimately what they can own to move forward. (NOTE: Learning outcomes can be modified/customized for each client.)  

Mental Health Trainer

Sean Raible is a global Total Rewards and HR leader who has worked in most industries throughout his 20 years in the field. Sean is passionate about impacting mental health in the workplace with practical tools and solutions using what he has learned through his own mental health journey, combined with seeing the positive results in supporting struggling employees. From conferences to podcasts, Sean is committed to bringing light to those that are struggling in the dark – one life, one community, and one organization at a time. He holds his Mental Health First Aid, is a graduate of Tony Robbin’s Mastery University, and recently completed Workplace Wellness COE’s Executive Wellness Leadership Program.”