I recommend reading this article from the Management Innovation exchange on nurturing your culture to support and encourage people to do what’s right for the organization even if that means bending a few rules here and there.
Here’s my favorite quote: “The future doesn’t unfold top-down or center-out so much as bottom-up and outside-in. The organizations that are most hospitable to heretics find ways to lay out the welcome mat for fringe elements. Scour your organization and beyond for positive deviants, invite dissent in all of its forms, and stop trying to shape people to fit your mold—instead open yourself to how their distinct point of view, enthusiasms, and eccentricities might reshape you. Spend time with people who are not like you (and who you may not like). Hire “slow learners” (of the organizational code). Create an “artist-in-residence” (or scientist, or young person) position. Design a forum or a regular ritual for people to offer up dissenting points of view.”
How well is your organization set up to reinvent and renew itself without top down influence?