Here’s a post from Singularity Hub featuring Chip Conley sharing his perspective on how to best leverage the nearly five generation workforce. In particular, I enjoyed hearing how emotional intelligence, humility, and a commitment to ongoing growth – for you and those you can support – can uniquely benefit a team seeking to disrupt or make advances in their sector. His synopsis:

“A modern elder is naturally curious, so you may have something to teach them, and the modern elder will likely possess some or all of the five attributes from which the ambitious entrepreneur can benefit:

  • Good judgment: Modern elders have a long-term perspective based on the wisdom they’ve gathered over the years.
  • Unvarnished insight: A modern elder can cut through the clutter quickly to find the core issue that needs attention, whether in a job interview or a strategic discussion.
  • Emotional intelligence: Modern elders are self-aware, patient, and empathetic people who are good at both understanding and managing their own emotions, and tuning in to the emotions of others.
  • Holistic thinking: The modern elder’s brain has the capacity to traverse from one side to the other more adeptly, dispassionately recognizing patterns more easily.
  • Stewardship: The modern elder wants to put his or her lifetime of experience and perspective to work to positively impact future generations and has moved from success to significance in their life.”

I’m curious to hear how others are leveraging generational differences. Adaptive Talent’s consultants can help you establish mentoring and knowledge management efforts for your organization that can boost adaptability.

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