I just came across an awesome group called The Conscious Leadership Forum and their fifteen commitments of conscious leaders. The premise is that people own their experience in life; you create everything you feel via your choice of perspective and whether you feel you’re creating your life versus life happening to you.

In fact, that’s the definition of leadership that resonates most with me. This is a quote from Karen and Henry Kimsey-House, co-founders of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) about leadership: 

We believe that everyone has within them the capacity to lead and that any organization or community is most dynamic, most alive and most productive when there is a commitment to leadership at every level.  Although decision-making and responsibility may be delegated by role, we all share full responsibility for the experience we generate. It’s clear then, that:

We Create Our World.
Every Day.
Take a look through and see if any of these resonate with you.  Could you imagine how profoundly different our world would be if this was the norm?
What’s one small step you could take to be a more conscious leader?