Take a read through Jesse Lyn Stoner’s blog for an interesting point of view on the new career, and what that means for organizations. Her perspective is very similar to Reid Hoffman’s, which he articulated in his book The Alliance. If your employees approached their career entrepreneurially what would you do differently as manager? In other words, to get access to the best talent how would the entire employment practice be reshaped to affect the optimal mutually beneficially exchange? From my experience, there are very few organizations prepared to do this well. In addition, as you study complexity and the implications for leadership, it becomes obvious that diversity of experience and perspective, properly leveraged, is essential for successfully navigating highly complex, dynamic situations in which past patterns and practices are not predictive for the current situation. It’s one reason I have advocated for an organizational framework like the Adaptive Flow model so that organizations and people can optimally be matched from a purpose, values, skills, and interests perspective.