One of my favourite authors and thought leaders in the adult development space is Jennifer Garvey-Berger. Adaptive Talent is dedicated to making people and organizations more adaptable, and a huge piece of that comes from helping leaders develop both skills and a greater complexity of mind capable of leading at scale and within our fast-moving, volatile, and inter-connected world. In this video Jennifer does a great job of explaining how adults can develop and what might be happening at each stage, and the impact on leadership. For most leaders working with an Executive Coach we’ll spend a good amount of time helping them through the developmental process of leading with a socialized mindset to one that is self-authored (what are my values, desired legacy/impact, and how is my life currently (mis)aligned with those aspirations?).

Adaptive Talent is a talent consultancy designed to help organizations achieve amazing results and ongoing adaptability. Founded in 2008 and based in Vancouver, Canada we offer retained search, assessments, total rewards consulting, training, leadership coaching and development programs, and culture & organizational development consulting.