Customized Leadership Development Programs

Although significant leadership development happens through 1:1 and team coaching, a customized and comprehensive leadership development program may produce faster, longer-term organizational adaptability. This approach is especially helpful for companies growing rapidly, needing notable transformation, or wanting to improve innovation and collaboration.

The process begins with Brad and the executive team clarifying key business goals and strategies, current organization culture, capabilities, dynamics, and leadership skills and maturity. We then map desired growth in all areas and create pragmatic ways to immediately address the business challenges while developing your people.

leadership system - organization development

As a certified practitioner of The Leadership System, Brad combines key business goals and strategies, 360-degree feedback, cohort-based learning and peer coaching, pulse surveys, 1:1 coaching, mentoring, and a deliberately developmental approach to learning on the job that quickly raises the individual and collective capacity and motivation of leadership teams and your organization. This is a great approach for intact leadership teams, or to bring functional leaders together to create leadership awareness and capability at the enterprise level.

Why a Customized Program is Right for You:

  • Your business is growing rapidly and/or needs to transform significantly and your leaders want to be intentional with their individual and collective leadership development as they build the business
  • You notice your once-awesome company culture is not scaling well
  • You believe in learning on the job but people are overwhelmed and need more support
  • You want to increase experimentation and employee leadership
  • You want to develop the maturity, business acumen, and cross-functional collaboration of your extended leadership team
  • An off-the-shelf product won’t cut it