Talent Acquisition and Development Services

Adaptive Talent is a Vancouver, BC based talent acquisition and development consultancy focused on enabling long-term organizational adaptability. In a world of unprecedented pace, opportunity, and disruption, we partner with leaders to create a deliberately developmental approach to people, product, and systems that improve both execution and innovation.

Because leaders and organizations today face challenges and opportunities like never before, success is increasingly driven by the ability to learn, execute, and adapt ahead of your situation and/or the competition. This is true at the individual, team/function, and company level and equally applies to products, services, and every aspect of your business.

The Better Way To Strengthen Your Business

Talent Recruitment

With our commitment to long-term client and candidate success, our highly customized talent acquisition services enable your organization to land game-changing talent.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Become a high performing leader and further grow your capacity and refine your unique leadership style through executive coaching.

Collective Leadership Development

Quickly raise the collective capacity and motivation of your leadership teams and your organization with group development.

Culture and Organizational Development

Enhance your agility, results, and culture with an intentional approach to change and deliberate development.

“As part of an initiative to help our studio leadership at Relic Entertainment, I was given the opportunity to work with Brad as my coach over several months in 2013 and 2014. I quickly learned to appreciate the deep understanding Brad has on the subject of coaching and self-improvement and on how he was able to instill in me some very valuable insights around celebrating successes, personal interaction, building goals, and on finding the self-confidence to push myself. When I started, I was looking for a silver-bullet solution to being a better team member and mentor but Brad gave me the tools and confidence to ask myself the questions only I can truly answer. Much of this was accomplished with exercises and sessions with Brad where I was able to verbalize my challenges, be encouraged to work through some tough questions and feedback, and reach those goose-bump inducing moments of self-realization and epiphany where I truly understand when I’m happiest and most fulfilled in my career and life in general.”

Quinn Duffy

Game Director, Relic Entertainment