This is a spot on article from Karie Willyerd in HBR on who NOT to have leading your talent function. Here are the top headlines:

  1. The last time your CHRO had an employee roundtable discussion was before the economic downturn.
  2. The language of business is a foreign language.
  3. Your CHRO thinks of email as modern technology.
  4. Change is a four-letter word.
  5. Your head of HR is hesitant to be accountable for meaningful metrics.
  6. The vision for HR is murky, generic, or even unstated.
  7. Your CHRO knows how to lavish out perquisites, especially to the CHRO.
  8. Your CHRO has effectively alienated you from your staff.
  9. The CHRO has difficult and strained relationships with his or her direct reports.
  10. Your CHRO has a nickname such as Neutron Mary (at Pfizer), Chainsaw Charles, Dolores Umbridge — or worse.